How Humans and Robots are Presented in Blade Runner Essay

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How Humans and Robots are Presented in Blade Runner

"Blade Runner" is a science fiction film set in Los Angeles in the
year 2019. Nuclear war had just ended which caused large-scale
devastation such as dramatic climate change, genetic change and all
animals on earth becoming extinct apart from artificial ones. The
Tyrell Corporation developed the artificial animals, which also happen
to be the creators of Androids (Artificial beings) which the film is
based on. The film "Blade Runner" revolves around the Nexus 6 series
of Androids these androids were built to do the hard, tiresome jobs on
off-world colonies. Using androids was a big advantage for the humans
of this time because they never get tired so can work non-stop.

The problem with replicants is that they are super-humans, intelligent
and very omniscient and could over-power the humans at any time. After
an incident where many humans were killed on an off world colony by
Nexus 6 they were made illegal on Earth.

Rick Deckard the main character in the film prowls the steel and
microchip jungle of 21st century, LA. He is a Blade Runner stalking
genetically made criminal replicants. His assignment: Kill them. Their
crime: wanting to be human.

The story of "Blade Runner" is familiar to countless fans but few have
seen it like this because the version I was studying was the directors
cut so we see Ridley Scott's own interpretation of his sci-fi classic.
This version omits Deckard's voice-over and develops in greater detail
the romance between Deckard and Rachael and removes the uplifting
finale. The result is a heightened emotional impact. The new scene
(unicorn vision) sug...

... middle of paper ... their
lifespan has been shortened. At this point we know they have feelings
and a love between two people is a strong force. Whatever they are a
being of such high potential is a terrible thing to waste.

Overall director Ridley Scott is suggesting that to be human you have
to have feelings and emotions (which the robots have) and to be able
to empathise with others. If you do not possess those qualities then
you are not a true human, Deckard, Tyrell and the two Policemen are
shown not to have feelings nor emotions when they "retire" a robot or
are they the "real" humans.

The qualities of human-ness are shown most shockingly by Roy Battye
when he saves Deckard instead of taking revenge. But Deckard's
character shows development in that he learns to empathise with the
replicants and falls in love with Rachael.

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