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Sexual Intercourse and Marriage

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Sexual Intercourse and Marriage

There will always be more than one point of view when agreeing with
any statement. I will talk about the for and against points of view
then give my own view. We must remember that all scenarios live in the
perfect marriage and world.


God gave us the Ten Commandments as a blue print with which to live
our lives by. The sixth commandment is all about respect for marriage.
A Christian cannot have respect for marriage if they have sexual
intercourse, an expression of love which they share with the person
they love if the have it outside of marriage.

Text Box: “You shall not commit adultery†Exodus 20: 14

By living out the commandment you are being almost a perfect Christian

A Christian Marriage is permanent and exclusive. If you cannot last
and wait for sexual intercourse within a marriage how will you be able
to keep a marriage strong and everlasting for the rest of your lives.
Some commitment now and you will be able to keep your marriage strong
and on going....

... middle of paper ...

...ent. However if someone truly loves someone
outside of marriage, but doesn't want to commit and has very good
reason, like if they have already been in a marital breakdown and
found it has been too , if they find someone who feels the same way
then they should be able to have sexual intercourse.

We must remember that every ones views are all different. What we may
see as the right answer other may see it as wrong. We must not hold
things against people just because they may have a different view to

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