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The Uses of Enzymes In Industry, Medicine and Analytical and Diagnostic Processes

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The Uses of Enzymes In Industry, Medicine and Analytical and Diagnostic Processes

Enzymes are very precise protein molecules with a high specificity
which are used to catalyse chemical reactions by lowering the
activation energy required for the reaction to take place. It is these
properties of being able to break down substances easily and bind
specifically to certain chemicals that make enzymes very useful in
many industries and practices throughout the world. In addition to
this enzymes are not used up in experiments so products of processes
are not contaminated with enzyme which could be a problem. This essay
explains 3 uses of enzymes, in industry and food, diagnosing and
analysing, and treating disease, explaining the function and
advantages of enzyme use in each example.

In industry enzymes are used for many processes such as brewing beer,
baking bread, using pectinase to increase juice in fruit juice drinks
and protease enzymes in washing detergents. Another example of the use
of enzymes in industry is animal feeding. Many monogastric species
such as poultry are fed food with enzymes added which break down
substances in the food which the species body cannot digest. Many
foodstuffs for farm animals such as wheat, rye, barley and oats
contain non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs) which are an example of ANFs
(anti-nutritional factors). They cannot be broken down by the
monogastric species so the substance would build up in the body and
cause digestive problems leading to other enzymes not being able to
function properly. In addition to this NSPs are soluble and so can
dissolve in the body but this increases viscosity in the

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