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The Concept of Abortion

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The Concept of Abortion "Abortion is never justified"

I neither agree or disagree with this statement. I mostly disagree
with the concept of abortion, but in some cases I feel it is morally
acceptable. For example, if the mother has been raped then having the
child would only remind her of the unfortunate incident and she may
never be able to love her child in the same way she would with a child
who was conceived normally.

I also believe that abortion is morally acceptable if the mothers life
is in danger if she has the baby. Although a baby is a new life, I
think the mother should put herself first in that situation.

I also think that it is not fair to have the baby if it is likely to
die shortly after birth. The baby would only feel pain in its short
time of living and I think that is unfair.

Many people believe that if the mother did not plan to become pregnant
then it is mo...

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