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The Impact of Man on the Environment

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The Impact of Man on the Environment

Man has had many far-reaching effects on the environment over the
years. Global warming, pollution and the damage to the ozone layer are
a few of the major things that can be heard about in the news. Man has
damaged the earth gradually over the years and this damage is next to
impossible to be reversed, we are now trying to stop more damage being
caused to the environment. For example, hedgerows have been destroyed
but now people have realised what effects this has on the environment,
the government are paying farmers to replant them instead of just
fencing. Not all of man's effects on the environment are harmful some
are beneficial. Conservation work is going on across the country and
this is helping to preserve the wildlife and countryside that we have
left. The expanding human population has placed a huge demand on the
food production of the country. The resources are limited but the
population is increasing quite rapidly so the problems are growing.
The demand for food means that crops need to be perfect so the use of
fertilisers and herbicides is increasing too.

Phosphates are products formed by the replacement of some or all of
the hydrogen of a phosphoric acid by metals. Depending on the number
of hydrogen atoms that are replaced, the resulting compound is
described as a primary, secondary, or tertiary phosphate. Also known
as trisodium phosphate, tertiary sodium phosphate is used as a
detergent and water softener. Primary and secondary phosphates contain
hydrogen and are acid salts. Phosphates are important to metabolism in
both plants and animals. Primary calcium phosphate, Ca(H2PO4)2, i...

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becoming more popular with the consumer, the demand for organic
produce is increasing. Organic food tends to be more expensive as the
entire crop isn't perfect but it is environmentally friendly.

Man's effects on the environment are many but the effects are being
slowed down and where possible reversed. The consequences of many
years of abuse to the earth are being realised and people are trying
to do something about it. Tillage operations that prepare the soil for
planting and control weeds expose bare soil to possible erosion by
wind and water. Global warming is being reduced as much as possible by
the reduction of toxic emissions and wastewater is being recycled
instead of pumped into rivers and seas. Man is trying to reverse and
slow down the effects on the environment although some things cannot
be reversed.

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