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The Relationship Between Juliet and the Nurse and Romeo and Friar Lawrence

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The Relationship Between Juliet and the Nurse and Romeo and Friar Lawrence

Probably Shakespeare's most well known play - Romeo and Juliet is a
story about 'star-crossed'- lovers who share a deep love that only
fate can bring a halt to. The two lovers were the children of feuding
families who had had been great adversaries for countless years due to
a 'brawl' that was 'bred of an airy word' by the heads of the Montague
and Capulet families. Romeo was born into the Montague household and
Juliet as a Capulet, both possessing high, noble status which would
come naturally for being a member of any of these two families. Having
such high reputations, it would not be deemed sociable for the parents
to look after and bring up their children and this is why the
responsibility was passed on for other people to do. Romeo grew up
with Friar Lawrence by his side and formed a close bond, somewhat
reminiscent to a father figure. Juliet was cared for by her Nurse from
the day that she was born and performed duties which should have been

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...d want them to be safe at all costs. They also want what's
best for them and try to ensure their future happiness.

In conclusion many similarities are shown between the relationships of
both pairs of people. Romeo and Juliet both entrust their deepest
secrets and feelings with the Friar and the Nurse and these are kept
secret and are respected. Both the Friar and Nurse hold parental
figures which are understood by Romeo and Juliet and in turn is a key
factor to the underlying strength of their relationship.

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