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Research on Political Awareness

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Research on Political Awareness


For this assignment I shall research all the relevant information
needed to complete this assignment. I shall research all of the key
government figures, functions and it's movements and actions since it
has been in power (New Labour 2001). I shall research the key
positions in this government and explain their roles and
responsibilities e.g. Tony Blair is the representative of the 'New
Labour' and one of his responsibilities are to choose who shall be in
the cabinet. when I have finished all the tasks I shall give my
conclusion and include the relevant references and bibliography.

What is the cabinet?

The Cabinet is composed of about 20 ministers, although the number can
vary. They are chosen by the Prime Minister and may include
departmental and non-departmental ministers. The functions of the
Cabinet are to initiate and decide on policy, the supreme control of
government and the co-ordination of government departments. The
exercise of these functions is vitally ...

... middle of paper ...

site for the initial bib and ref)'sopposition

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