Tourism and Multiplier Effect Essay

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Tourism and Multiplier Effect

The term multiplier effect refers to the resulting effect of a service
or amenity creating further wealth or positive effects in an area. For
example, tourism in an area will create jobs in an area, therefore the
employees of the tourism industry will have some extra money to spend
on other services, and therefore improving these other services in
that area, allowing further employment in the area.

(ii) Explain with examples how tourism can lead to a variety of
employment types, at the point of origin or destination. (9)

In any area, tourism will require people to create the tourism
experience and enhance the visitor's enjoyment of the location.
Firstly, the origin of the traveller, for example, the UK, will create
its own employment opportunities even before reaching the destination.
The travel agent which books the holiday is only the first step. The
bank or finance service with which the individual obtains the money
from in order to fund the holiday will also play a major role in the
process, whilst also creating jobs at home. For the security and
safety of the passenger, medical services and insurance will also be
required to make sure the trip is not disrupted to a great extent
should illness or theft, for example, be an occurrence on their
excursion. Secondly, the employees of the destination's airport or sea
port allowing the transition from transport to forwarding destination
goes as smoothly as possible. After this the hoteliers, caterers,
porters and cleaners at the hotel will be needed to encourage a
further visit to the area, as if the stay in the hotel is favourable,
many people wil...

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...ow to create a sustainable solution to the
difference between the two aspects of a country's development. If a
satisfactory conclusion is not met in relation to sustaining the
environment in a given area, it is unlikely that the tourism industry
will survive as the tourists will be repelled by the poor
environmental quality. Sustainable ecotourism or simply a reinvention
of the processes involved in transport, waste disposal and the impact
the tourist has on the environment need to be implemented in order to
create a tourist destination which will last the host country long
enough to become established and diversified in many industries.


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