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Impact of Great Depression on International Relations in the 1930s

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Impact of Great Depression on International Relations in the 1930s

In the early 1920s the Great Depression hit. The chaos caused by the
First World War was the main reason for the Great Depression. The USA
had lent large amounts of money to other countries to help with their
damages from the war. The loans that the USA made helped the countries
to recover trade. Many countries tried to protect their industries by
putting taxes on imports. In 1930 USA the biggest trading nation in
the world also raised their taxes. This made the world trade suffer
badly as it made it difficult to sell goods to America.

World trade was already very difficult so when the Wall Street Crash
hit there was a worldwide economic slump. The American stock market
was centered on Wall Street in New York. American banks wanted all the
money lent out repaid back to them. Banks and factories closed and
soon all the countries had loss of imports and exports.

The Depression.

Germany was affected the most by the Great Depression. Agricultural
prices fell. This brought poverty to the countryside. The Wall Street
Crash meant the withdrawal of the USA loans. This hit Germany worse
than other countries. Unemployment rose to 5.5 million in 1931. Also
in 1931 the five major banks crashed in Germany. Because of this many
businesses failed and most middle class people lost their savings. The
Depression brought Hitler and the Nazis to power. One of the many
reasons for Hitler becoming leader was because he promised to tear up
the Treaty of Versailles. The first chance of survival, which happened
to be Hitler who gave them promises, which they hoped were true, was

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...made them delay
rearmament and become isolated. France came across the same problems
as all the other countries. Loss of jobs, homes and the country became
desperate. France had no money or army and problems from Italy lead to
the collapse of the league because Britain and France couldn't do


The league helped settle some disputes. It helped improve
international communications, people's living but the league never
achieved its main aim which was to prevent wars. Without the USA the
league could not stop Japan and Britain and France could have stopped
Italy if they had acted quickly but they were to scared of invasion.
The league did not help to stop the aggression because they did not
believe it was in there best interest. Self-interest is one of the
main reasons why the league failed.

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