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Arthur Birling and Sheila Birling in An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley

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Arthur Birling and Sheila Birling in An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley

I have chosen to write my essay about Mr.Arthur Birling and Mrs.
Sheila Birling. I have chosen these characters because they have
different views on the events concerning Eva Smith. Sheila, for
instance, felt extremely regretful about the incident involving the
sacking of Eva Smith and we can tell this because she says 'And I'm
desperately sorry' neither did she show any relief after hearing that
the inspector was a hoax. Arthur Birling, however, blamed Eva entirely
for getting sacked from his factory and also displayed great relief
when hearing that the inspector was a fake, 'This makes a difference,
y'know. In fact, it makes all the difference.'

After reading the first few pages of 'Inspector Calls' I got the
impression that Mr.Birling was a very proud man and also seemed rather
arrogant. It seemed he didn't like people to forget that he was a Lord
Mayor there two years ago or that he owns a successful business. He
appeared very strong minded and enjoyed making speeches.

The impression I got of Sheila was that of a spoilt, snobby little
girl who didn't seem ready to get married and raise her own family but
needed some raising herself. She seemed very possessive and I get this
impression after reading some of the directions which say things like
'gaily' and 'possessively'. They both appear very happy with life and
look as though they have no troubles.

Subsequent to hearing the dreadful news about Eva Smith Sheila acts
sorry and wishes she could help her. She also admits that she was
jealous of Eva (because she appeared prettier in a particular item of

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...nspector was a hoax this is obvious because she says 'I remember what
he said, how he looked and what he made me feel. Fire and blood and
anguish'. Once again Arthur is the complete opposite and expresses
happiness and relief straight away by saying, 'by jingo a fake'. He
didn't think it mattered anymore. 'This makes a difference you know in
fact it makes all the difference'. 'We've been had that's all'.

I don't think Arthur has changed in the slightest from the beginning
of the play and is still the same arrogant, selfish businessman he was
before. As for Sheila I think she changed a lot during the play and
started as a spoilt snobby little girl but finished as a matured, kind
woman. In a way they can represent today's community. They can also
represent social and moral responsibility with in the community we

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