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A Critical Analysis of Wind By Ted Hughes

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A Critical Analysis of Wind By Ted Hughes

Hughes's opening line is sculpted in such a way that it gives the
reader an abundance of sensations. The poet achieves amazing
efficiency in the line "far out at sea all night" in that the reader
is exposed to distance, time and environment. The metaphor of the
house being "out at sea" projects the image of a boat "far out"
feeling totally isolated. The house faces wave upon wave of
inexhaustible pounding from the wind as a boat would from an enraged
sea. The time scale of "all night" could literally mean all night or
it may refer to the perception that the wind is so acutely intense
that it feels prolonged. The words "crashing", "booming" and
"stampeding elevate the wind to one of biblical proportions which
sounds like an orchestra thumping out a killer crescendo. The line
"stampeding the fields" accentuate the brutality of the wind attacking
the natural surroundings. In keeping with the oceanic metaphor the
house "floundering" evokes a sense futility. The alliteration in

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