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The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Henry VIII 1509-1515

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The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Henry VIII 1509-1515

There are many differing views of Henry VIII, some people see him as a
scholar and others as a jovial and merry king. Each of these opinions
views different characteristics of Henry VIII that contributed to his
strengths and weaknesses. Henry, when he succeeded the throne had
several problems that he had to address. There was also much
expectation of him as his father had been viewed as a miser and a
repressor and people saw the need for dramatic change. Ian Dawson says
that at the change of monarch there was a "sense of breaking free from
imprisonment" so much was the relief of Henry VIII 's succession.

One of the most obvious strengths Henry had was this enthusiasm to his
reign, people supported him and there was no threat or opposition to
his coronation. He was a young man coming up to the age of 18. He was
intelligent and dynamic and keen on kingly sports such as jousting,
which have contributed to a popular image of him. Thomas More said of
him "our king does not wish for gold or gems or precious stones, but
virtue, glory and immortality. This knightly image of him would have
done much to inspire confidence in him reigning the country.

Another strength would be the kingdom his father had left him. The
Crown of England was solvent and had benefited from Henry VII 's close
financial scrutiny. The Kingdom of England was respected amongst the
European powers and was a much sought after ally. Thus foreign courts
would have wanted Henry VIII' s favour. In 1510 despite Henry's wishes
of going to war with France he signed a peace treaty with the French.
However he went to war ...

... middle of paper ... not afraid
to go to an all out war, which he demonstrated. His tactics to the
nobles was drastically different, his father had taken away some of
their power and decreased the nobility numbers, the opposite of this
can be seen in Henry VIII. One thing they were very similar on was the
desire to secure the dynasty through a male heir.

In 1515 Henry is a king who has made an impression very quickly on
England by going to war and being the reverse of his father in
financial matters. He is a king who has secured support from powerful
figures amongst the English nobles and also amongst the foreign states
such as Spain and the Holy Roman Empire. Henry has put himself in a
strong position because of this and this is what makes his rule one
that stretches over four decades, he did not have great amounts of

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