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Claudius Vs. Hamlet

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Claudius Vs. Hamlet

Is Claudius a worthy adversary for Hamlet? Some would argue that Claudius was not even close to being worthy enough to be Hamlet's opponent but if you look at all of the evidence in the play, you might think otherwise. First of all, Claudius was obviously worthy if Hamlet is the one who chose to seek revenge. There are also so many minor details that add up to compare Claudius with Hamlet. Claudius was a lot smarter than people gave him credit for. He was clever enough to devise a plan to kill the king, he had spies all around watching Hamlet's every move, and he found a way to become king.

In Claudius' case, killing the king without the entire world suspecting him took a lot of planning and work. He poisoned the king in a way that no one would suspect him. The play does not say where he got the poison used for King Hamlet but it is not likely that he could just walk down to the market and purchase it. Claudius had to find some specific person who would have such deadly drugs in their possession. He then had to find a way to get the king alone, which a...

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