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Albert Osborn, A Biography

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Albert S. Osborn (1858 - 1946) is a pioneer in forensic science that was involved and developed all of his time to the study of evidence in questioned documents. Question documents involves with handwriting. So, the job of the experts is to find out how, when, and by whom certain documents were prepared. They also search and involve with dating the documents, ink identification, copy, and forgery - copying someone's signature. Albert Osborn has started to devote his life into the field of question document around 1910. Albert S. Osborn is the first generation of Osborn family practice that has been qualified as an expert in courts. He has testified on the subject of original documents in both civil and criminal cases for the United States Government and many states of law enforcement agencies. Such states as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York are states that often used Osborn as an expert on the subject of disputed documents. One of the famous cases was the Lindbergh kidnapping trial or also known as State of New Jersey v. Hauptmann (O'Brien & Sullivan, p. 186). This cas...

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...vest a lot of their time and knowledge in questioning documents.


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Ilya Rubinov

Forensic Science 108


July 15, 2003

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