The Struggle to Gain Equality: A Study of Native American Woman in Literature

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Respect Frees Women from Inequality

In "Woman: Myth and Reality," Simone De Beauvoir describes the myth of the Eternal Feminine which creates inequality between men and women. In "The Four Idols," Francis Bacon uses the four idols of the tribe, the cave, the marketplace, and the theater to show how humans' understanding and intelligence hinders their knowledge of nature. In "The Origin of Civil Society," Jean-Jacques Rousseau concludes that the Social Contract benefits those who are not strong to fight for their equality in law and civil rights. In "The Communist Manifesto," Karl Marx disapproves of an industrial society, and he strongly supports communism with his ten points to prove that communism is beneficial. In Ceremony, Leslie Marmon Silko narrates through Tayo, a young Native American, who suffers posttraumatic stress disorder from World War II, enters a journey of self-healing with Indian rituals. In "Patriarchal Colonialism" and Indigenism: Implications for Native Feminist Spirituality and Native Womanism," M.A. Jaimes Guerrero compares and contrast Native American women's roles being influenced in the pre-patriarchal and pre-colonialist times. In "Representing Changing Woman: A Review Essay on Navajo Women," Jennifer Nez Denetdale shows that Navajo's practice of matrilineatily give women authority and strong influence even when the early nineteen hundreds. Respect will give women in a patriarch freedom and equality to be oneself.

There is inequality between men and women in a patriarchal society. Women in the patriarch society such as some European countries, America, and Asia have suffered from inequality throughout history. No matter their class standing, inequality ranges can be ranged from inability to vote, n...

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