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Physically Unfit

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Today, many Americans are overly concerned or completely oblivious with being physically fit. Reasons why we struggle with weight vary from person to person. The most common reasons we see are influential, either direct or indirect, new and reoccurring diet fads that may be healthy or risky, and ignorance .

Influence is the number one reason why we stress our weight. We all have friends that were once twice our size, and within a year dropped to half our weight. This is a perfect example of a direct influence. On the other hand, indirect influences such as images in the entertainment industry may put on just as much or even more force as would a direct influence. We have accepted, over time, the seducement of the "perfect" man or woman on television or in magazines. These images are what compel us to get in better shape or at least try. Not to say it is always a bad thing. But if you are fifty pounds over weight and look nothing like a supermodel, what measures would you take or how far would you go to look like one?

Fads are another leading cause obsessive weight ...

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