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"Sestina" by Elizabeth Bishop

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The "Sestina" by Elizabeth Bishop

The "Sestina" by Elizabeth Bishop is titled after the verse form of the Italian origin by that name. However, the name of the poem is not only to remind us of its difficult and complex form, but also to enhance the subject of the poem- the fatal forces that navigate the character's lives. Thus, the main feature of the poetic form, the six repeating end-words, "grandmother", "child", "house", "stove", "almanac", "tears", all `work` together to underline this meaning, that the experience of the characters, as well as any other experience, "was to be."

The first end-word is "house." A house symbolizes a calm domestic life, but the rain falling on the house creates a sense of a cold atmosphere, which is strengthened by the situation of the grandmother trying to hide her tears. In the second stanza, it becomes clear that the grandmother believes all was "foretold by the almanac." The almanac represents a belief that all is determined by the stars, including the rain that falls on the house. Now the house is a part of predeter...

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...ars represented in the almanac. And just as the poet cannot use a strict form of poetry without adhering to its predetermined laws, the poem's reality is one where all objects, animate or inanimate must adhere to the predetermined laws of the almanac. Thus Bishop uses a rigorous form that emulate a rigorous world where all, be it "equinoctial tears", rain on the roof or even a child's drawing is meant to be.

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