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Advantages of Teamwork Versus Individual Work: Synergy

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Work teams play an important role in a modern organization. From software engineers who collaborate to write code to the board of directors who gather to make strategic decisions, teams are increasingly being used worldwide as the foundation of work. We know from our everyday experiences, however, that effective teamwork is not achieved as easily as getting a collection of individuals together. There are important things that the group has to accomplish in order to prove effective. First of all, individuals have to group around a common task or goal that they are trying achieve. Once this is satisfied and group members are aware and agree on the common goal/task, there should be further effort put in to develop and nurture the group as it evolves. This effort should assert that there is an integration of values, goals, attitudes and actions among the members of the team. Because of this major effort required, individuals will be willing to participate enthusiastically only if they understand the benefits for themselves, their team and their organizations. Before getting into the deta...

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