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Pure Command Economic Systems

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In a pure command economic system, an individual person has little or possibly no influence over how the basic economic questions are answered. Nowadays, the only areas that still have a pure command economy are North Korea, Vietnam, and parts of China. Should these countries keep a pure command economic system? Or should the pure command economic system be taken away from these countries? The pure command economic must be taken away for three following reasons: It has no competition, no development, and no valued goods and services.

First, the pure command economy doesn't have competition because the command economy is one in which decisions about production; distribution and consumption are made mostly by the government. People do things for good of all society. Command economies are organized by the rules, and those rules are decided upon by a centralized authority. For example, the government decides what goods will be produced and how much will be made. It is impersonal; in that individual in the society probably don't know the individuals in the government who make deci...

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