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The Christian Perspective on Stem Cell Research

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The Christian Perspective on Stem Cell Research

   Many Americans do not see how the existing state laws forbidding human cloning can survive, and others like them be enacted, since the federal government has given its blessing to the cloning and destruction of human embryos for research purposes. An entire area of law where states have been able to express respect for human life may be wiped away.


We know that many have made expansive claims for the benefits of human embryo research. However, all such claims are conjectural. Embryonic stem cell research has not helped a single human patient or demonstrated any therapeutic benefit. At the same time, adult stem cells have helped hundreds of thousands of patients and new clinical uses expand almost weekly. Even President Clinton's National Bioethics Advisory Commission, recognizing the human embryo as "a developing form of human life," concluded that the use of embryos from fertility clinics for such research cannot be justified if morally noncontroversial alternatives exist. There is now ample evidence that they do ...

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...ciation, June 24, 2001. See:


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