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Many people in the world today believe that there is no real connection between the Bible and the government of the United States. However, according the website, Biblical Principles of Government (

_government.htm), theologians have discovered that while approximately 29% of the Bible deals with our personal lives, 71% deals with social, political and national issues. The main areas of focus in the Biblical view of government are explained in 2 ways, by the biblical institutions of Government and by the foundations of Biblical Government. The institutions of Government have been split into four categories: Self Government, Family Government, Church Government, and Civil Government. The ten foundations of Biblical Government are: The Written Constitution, A Separation of Powers, An independent Judiciary, A National Legislature, A Second House in Legislature, An Executive Officer, A Decentralized State, A Citizen's Army, A Free Market Economy, and A Strong Educational System.

Biblical Institutions of Government

Contrary to popular belief, the Bible actually does mention many examples of institutions and foundations government. The Bible describes 4 major institutions of government, which are Self Government, Family Government, Church Government and Civil Government. Each one of these topics are addressed specifically throughout the entirety of the Bible. People in the world refer to the government as the ones who provide us with laws to attempt to maintain peace, when really it is the Lord. Isaiah 3:22 states, "For the Lord is our Judge, the Lord is our Lawgiver, the Lord is our King..."


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... standing up for what is right in God's eyes, not in the worlds eyes, because those are two totally contradicting things. What's considered right in the world is getting further from what God intends to be right, day-by-day. For starters, Christians should start taking action against things such as Abortion and Gay Rights so that they are not "socially acceptable" anymore. Christians should also start trying to turn the world back to God, instead of steering it away. We should step up and be leaders in our communities, schools, households, etc. In addition, it is our job not to be hypocritical and actually live our lives as God wants us to, so we can set an example for others. "The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians who acknowledge Jesus Christ with their lips, but then walk out the door and deny Him by their lifestyle." -Brennan Manning

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