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An Afternoon

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The sky, mid-afternoon, a beautiful canvas graced with sky blues and pure milky whites. The blue in the depths beyond and the smooth, rounded, sugary sweet clouds in the foreground; February mornings were made to be like this. Stained white wooden porches, green plastic lawn and garden chairs and a yellow butterfly dancing above the steamy urban pavement with an invisible partner to a made up song.

Sitting on the porch waiting for Michele, tall, southern, red haired and fiery, I have to do much needed laundry at her house where the wash is free and the dryers do not charge by the minute. I am down to my second and third wearing of jeans and socks are scarce so sandals in cool weather are necessary. Basking in the delicious intoxicating sunlight, this is one day in the unusually cold Florida February that my toes are not blue and numb from wearing sandals. I rest my twenty-two-year-old English filled head against the siding on the porch and wonder; “Does it get any better then this?”
A little girl appears, frolicking, bursting with energy like a quarter machine bouncy ball...

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...iliar and forever locked in my idealistic, perfect memories of him; he healed everything. His arms, strong and stable encompassed my fears and sobs and exiled them to a place far away where dragons lurk and monsters exist. A sense of understanding came over me as the oldest girl met my glance with her big, sad, brown eyes as if to say, “Over protective fathers are a hassle at times but once they are gone, boy do you sure miss them.” There is no racial gap to fill, no definitive line and no classifications, just fathers and their daughters.

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