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Thomas Hardy’s poem “Hap"

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Thomas Hardy’s poem “Hap"

Poetry is ultimately defined as a major literary genre. How boring that is for such a beautiful literary form. I believe that poetry is a genre devoted to art, complexity, and precision. All in which the poet does more than just writing; he or she takes that which is indescribable and finds words for it through poetry. Granted, this leaves poetry vastly open to interpretation. After all, each and every poet expresses him or herself in a different way; with different meter, rhyme, mood, and meaning. Leaving one poem practically unlike any other, like a snowflake. This is poetry, and this is also why poetry is so hard to analyze.

Every person that has read and analyzed a poem has been left wondering what the author of the poem had intended by it. Often there is room for more than one interpretation, so many are often left wondering if they correctly interpreted a poem. Several arguments could be left unfinished with the phrase, “Well, how do you know? Did the author of the poem tell you? In which the answer is, with rare exceptions, no. Authors leave ...

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...I would have been lost without a dictionary. Sometimes there is more inside knowledge that a reader would have never known unless they looked it up. Still, it depends on the reader, and the poem they are reading as to whether or not they’ll go beyond their own understanding in search of others’. Understanding poetry is a difficult task, but that does not mean it cannot be done. Depending on how much time and effort a reader is willing to devote to a poem will affect how well they will understand it, in addition to how much they will enjoy it.

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