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Morgan, Morgan by Janette Turner Hospital

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This paper will explore the short story “Morgan, Morgan” by Janette Turner Hospital in a poststructuralist way using both New Historicism and Deconstruction. First, we will explore the tenants of New Historicism and apply it to the story, and then we will explore the tenants of Deconstruction and apply it to the story. The ideals of New Historicism were first outlined by Michel Foucault and later developed by Stephen Greenblatt. Foucault did not develop New Historicism; however, his philosophy and ideas formed the basis of the practice. As Warren Hedges has noted,
Foucault’s contribution to literary studies has been to encourage us to think about how no writer’s description or categorization is simply neutral. Instead we can think about how writers further, complicate, or challenge the discourses of their time.
He goes on to say that, these discourses “promote specific kinds of power relations, usually favoring the ‘neutral’ person or professional.”

New Historicism as a literary practice didn’t come into being until the 1980’s when the questions raised by Foucault developed...

... middle of paper ...

...ry Update: Searching the Dark Alley: New Historicism and Social History.” Journal of Social History. 25.3 (1992) 677-695.

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