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1. Gross, Grant. “House Rejects ‘Net neutrality’, Passes Telecom Reform Bill” Network World 23.23 (2006): 10.

AUTHOR Grant Gross.
DATE June 12
YEAR 2006
LOCATION Framingham, MA
PUBLISHER Network World Inc.
LINK ---

The House of Representatives has defeated a provision to require U.S. broadband providers to offer the same speed of service to competitors that's available to partners, a major defeat to a coalition of online companies and consumer groups.

"It is a shame that the House turned its back on the open essence of the Internet," Gigi Sohn, president of consumer rights group Public Knowledge, said in an e-mail."Instead, the House ... voted to allow the telephone and cable companies to discriminate by controlling the content that will flow over the network."

The Senate is debating its own broadband and telecom reform bill, but the current version doesn't include a 'Net neutrality requirement. Lawmakers have introduced four stand-alone 'Net neutrality bills, but the defeat in the House could mean the issue is dead until 2007.

2. Steinert-Threlkeld, Tom. “Both Call Time Out on ‘Net Neutrality’”. Multicahnnel News 27.26

(2006): 22.

AUTHOR Tom Steinert-Threlkeld
DATE June 26
YEAR 2006
PUBLICATION Multicahnnel News
PUBLISHER Reed Business Information
LINK ---

Somehow, the Web not only survived, but thrived. The ability of Web sites to make money
produced a lot of failures in the rush. But it also produced lasting, powerhouse
brands. Most notably eBay, Google and Yahoo.

Now, these Internet giants want to freeze the commercial Internet in place.

They're fearful that the two main providers of Internet access, telephone and cable companies, will block access to sites that somehow compete with services they also offer online.

The real issue behind network neutrality is cost-shifting. The Internet giants that grew large on the basis of charging sponsors fees (Yahoo, Google) or users for handling transactions (eBay) don't want someone else to find a new revenue stream that, to them, becomes a new expense stream.

It's hard to escape the feeling that this is not an altruistic fight for keeping the grounds fertile for the "next" Google to emerge. But to keep present business models intact.


3. Searcy, Dionne; Schatz, Amy. “Not So Neutral”. Wall Street Journal 14 June 2006, Eastern

Edition: B1-B2.

AUTHOR(s) Searcy, Dionne; Schatz, Amy
DATE Jun 14
YEAR 2006
PUBLICATION Wall Street Journal (Eastern Ed.)
LOCATION Princeton, New Jersey
LINK ---

People on both sides of the issue -- but mostly those who favor Net neutrality, or treating all Internet traffic the same -- have turned to the Web to get out their messages in a complicated debate before Congress now. More than a dozen online videos sound off on whether Cong...

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Or so it seemed. Yahoo spent the bubble years insisting infotainment and telecom were separate businesses, but Yahoo lately has been snuggling up into a strategic partnership with phone giant SBC, the nation's biggest DSL provider.

And bellwether Google? It's been buying up unused backbone capacity and dangling free wireless broadband in front of San Francisco and its nearby hometown of Mountain View. In the works may be a network of Google wireless hotspots, giving it one more hook to suck web users into its advertising-supported model for web services.

But what's really stirring up Congress's ominous urge to rewrite the 1996 Telecom Act are the TV plans of the Baby Bells, Verizon and SBC. They're both rolling out IPTV -- or Internet television -- in essence, ultrafast broadband capable of delivering high-definition video streams.

Most of all, if deployment isn't a paying proposition, deployment won't take place, and mandatory nondiscrimination threatens to undermine the economics of the new broadband initiatives. Morgan Stanley telecom analyst Simon Flannery already is warning clients that the Bell projects "could be delayed or possibly terminated" as investors look askance at the billions being thrown at business models with uncertain payoffs.

Where's Microsoft in this debate? With a host of e-commerce companies, it has adopted a defensive posture, adding its voice to those of Google, Amazon, eBay and Barry Diller's InterActiveCorp demanding that "net neutrality" (the new definition of "open access") be written into any new telecom law.

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