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Nursing Graduation Speech

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When I made the decision to return to school for my Bachelor's degree, all those who had gone before issued me nothing short of a surgeon general's warning: your life as you know it is over ... in nursing terms, I could visualize a flat EKG line without any peaks or rhythm. That sounded like trouble to me!

I accepted returning to school as a challenge and promptly organized my life into what I thought would be a simplified, manageable existence. Like all of you, I restructured my home budget and explained to my husband that life as we knew it was over ... my roles as wife, nurse, employee, friend, student, cook, housekeeper, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, cousin, niece and granddaughter -- all at once -- became impossible. For once in my life, I was glad to NOT be a parent!

My fellow nursing students all agreed that yes, life was over. Our instructors corroborated that "life as we knew it was over," but only for a time. We students had some incredible pity parties surrounding the theme "our life is over." There we were, paying $100 per credit to have th...

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