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The Crucible - fear and suspicion

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In the Crucible, Arthur Miller shows us how fear and suspicion can
destroy a community.

As the play develops, Miller shows us how fear and suspicion increase
and destroy the community. Throughout the play it becomes apparent
that the community gets more and more divided as time goes on. In the
beginning there were arguments about ownership of land between some of
the villagers. As the story progresses people fear for their own
safety and begin accusing their neighbours of witchcraft in order to
escape being hanged.

Salem became overrun by the hysteria of witchcraft. Mere suspicion
itself was accepted as evidence. As a Satan-fearing community, they
could not think of denying the evidence, because to deny the existence
of evil was to deny the existence of goodness; which was God.

In the 17th century a group of Puritans migrated from England to
America - the land of dreams - to escape persecution for their
religious beliefs.

As Arthur Miller tells us in the introduction to Act 1 'no one can
really know what their lives were like.' We would never be able to

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...nder the Cultural Revolution
when the Red Guards would decry people for being bourgeois

In conclusion I think that the ideas of fear and suspicion appear
throughout the play. Initially the suspicion starts on a small scale
but gradually develops and destroys the community. The fear of the
devil at the beginning extends and includes fear of others and
neighbours but when the court comes into action the community are also
afraid of the court. All the fears and suspicion mounts up and the
community is thrown into turmoil.

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