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Write a critical appreciation of Marvell's To his coy mistress. How

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Write a critical appreciation of Marvell's To his coy mistress. How
does the lover in this poem make you feel?

This poem is about a man, who is likely to be Marvell seducing his
sweetheart and trying to persuade her to sleep with him. This essay
will look at different parts of the poem such as how it is written and
the atmosphere of it.

The poem is about a man seducing his sweet heart and trying to
persuade her to go to bed with him. He tries to scare her by telling
her that if she does not let him sleep with her and carries on as a
virgin than she will die a virgin and nothing but the worms will
invade her virginity. He tries to reason with her that if they had all
the time in the world it would not matter if she was modest and
towards the end of the poem he tells her, they don't have all the time
in the world so they should seize their chance, he cant "make the sun
stand still" to wait for her. He also tells her that the "grave is a
fine and private place" where no one will embrace her.

The poem is written as a syllogism, or an argument that is set out in

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