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Two poems old man old man and warning.

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Two poems old man old man and warning.

I am going to be writing about two poems "old man old man" and
"warning". In old man, old man the poet U.A Fanthorpe relates old age
to a loss of freedom e.g. a timetabled cigarette.

The stanzas are always written in three lines in Old man old man. Old
man old man is a very bad or negative view on old age as he is always
talking about what he used to do "a dab hand with the black and
Decker". He is an anonymous person who is totally explained in the
title "old man old man" this emphasises his old age.

As you get older, your body does not work as well for some as you
start to have heart problems and lung problems and in "old man old
man". He has to take pills but he does not like doing this and he
fights from doing it "Recalcitrant things in bottles with tacky
labels". He used to be independent "He was always a man who did it
himself" and he still wants to be, but he has to take pills to stay

There are a few qualities of being old in the poem. If you are old
like the anonymous man you do not have a worry in the wor...

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