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The Rain Horse By Ted Hughes

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The Rain Horse By Ted Hughes

1. Before he sees the horse, the narrator is feeling confused and

"anger against himself for blundering into this mud-trap"

As you can see from another word in the sentence, 'blundering', the
narrator's anger against himself has made him clumsy, and 'blundering'
is a very clumsy word. At this point, the narrator is feeling confused
because he cannot decide whether to go round a longer journey, or take
a shortcut through a farm. It seems as though he has a bad history
with the farmer, because he talks of being called a trespasser;

"or shouted at as a trespasser deterred him"

2. The sense of fear and mystery surrounding the horse is given
because the writer uses many similes to describe it;

"running on its toes like a cat, like a dog up to no good like a
nightmarish leopard"

Because the horse is far away from him, he can only give a description
of its appearance, and he can not know any more, this is what gives
the horse a sense of mystery and wonder.

3. As the man sits in the wood, covered by his coat, the rain seem...

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