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Poetry discussion on The Best Of School by D. H. Lawrence.

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Poetry discussion on The Best Of School by D. H. Lawrence.

" The Best Of School"

I recently studied " The Best Of School" by D. H. Lawrence. I made
this piece my choice as I found it not only poetic but also
informative. It gives you some insight as to how some teachers
possibly think in their day in school. D. H. Lawrence was once a
teacher and therefore had prior knowledge to the theme this poem was
based on.

The poem was written in the early 1900's but still would be
appropriate in present day schools. " The Best Of School" is written
through the eyes of a teacher. It is an optimistic view of young boys
learning in the classroom

I was impressed by the way Lawrence made many references to soothing
natural imagery and that is what made this poem my first choice. He
uses water imagery to explain his relationship with the boys. He
refers to the teacher as " Sitting on the shores of the class," saying
that the boys were like the seawater coming into the shore. The second
and third lines are a contrast to each other. The second line says
that " The boys and the...

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