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Analysis of Cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti

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Analysis of Cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti

'Cousin Kate' by Christina Rossetti describes a cottage maiden who was
seduced and used by the lord of the estate for which she worked. She
was surprised and taken a back by the fact that someone so great and
powerful could be slightly interested in her, and so she automatically
fell in love with him. It wasn't until after he had slept with her
that he left her for her cousin, Kate. The cottage maiden was
devastated that he had done that to her. She felt unclean and
unwanted. The lord asked for Kate's hand in marriage and she accepted.
The cottage maid thought that he married Kate because she was innocent
and pure, 'Because you were so good and pure/He bound you with his
ring' - the cottage maiden is in complete contrast to her cousin. The
only good thing that came out of this was the cottage maiden had a
child, 'Yet I've a gift you have not got...' and 'my fair-haired son'.
The lord had seduced the cottage maiden and used her like a 'silken
knot'. This basically means that the lord used the cottage maiden as a
trophy an...

... middle of paper ...

... to get. She sounds very

Christina Rossetti has written a very good portrayal of life in early
times. It shows how society rejected woman who had unlawful sex in
earlier times; women were judges and disowned by all people who knew
them. Society has now changed. Women are no longer judged or even
looked down on by anyone. It has become a way of life that in earlier
times may have been considered as dirty and unlawful, people's
attitudes have changes and it is no longer as big a deal as it was in
the early 19th century.

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