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Life in the 1700's

Everyday life in the United States is very different today than it was in the 1700's. Life was harder and the settlers did not have nearly as many luxuries as society has today. Some aspects of the colonial times that were different then are today include family, employment, and social activities. Life in the United States in the 1700's was filled with hard work, cooperation, and dedication to one’s land and family.

Family life in the 1700's was highly valued and prioritized. Back in those times families were extremely large in size. There was much inter-marriages from generation to generation, Therefore, everyone in a community was most likely related to each other. Because of these extreme connections between communities, visiting fellow family members was very popular. Many of these visits were informal and prolonged. Out of everyone in a family, the women usually corresponded the most with other relatives. The lack of decently designed roads and great distances made the matter of traveling very important in social activities. In addition, the family was looked upon as a unit of production and enterprise. Most families in the 1700's contained usually twenty to thirty people. These large numbers were due to the fact that the families were extended. Every relative lived together, even if they were distant relatives. Families with ten or twelve children were common and those with twenty or twenty-five children were not regarded as abnormal. But, usually not all the children survived. Typically, four in ten children dies before they reached the age of sixteen.

Marriage is another aspect of families in the 1700's that is very different from today. Most girls in the 1700's married extremely early around th...

... middle of paper ... While in Virginia the governor’s mansion brought balls, banquets, and dancing to the communities. But overall, colonial America was considered to be pretty mundane, monotonous, and dull. The main events were marriages, funerals, and church-goings. While daily events consisted of farming and trading. But as the seventeenth century progressed, visiting and socializing, dinner parties, dances, and hunts in the south became more and more popular and brought more happiness to society. In addition wealth was gained through tobacco sales and trade


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