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The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution

Imagine living in a world in which rights governed society. The people participate in a free market, and property is seen as "an inviolable and sacred right" that cannot be taken away.(1) This glorious idea is called liberalism. Liberalism emerged whole-heartedly during the Nineteenth-century Industrial Revolution. Followers of liberalism believe in the rights of the individual, especially the right to property. Early in its developement, this idea caused deep clashes between the middle class, called the bourgeoisie, and the working class, called the proletariat. These clashes created opposition to the liberal movement; communism became the supporter of this opposition.

Many philosophers pushed the development of liberalism. The most persuasive were Adam Smith, David Ricardo, and John Stuart Mill. Smith is often considered the founder of liberalism. Smith "looked forward to a new world, which would escape the sophistry and meanness of medieval Christian thought, but would recourse to...authoritarian political oppression."(2) Smith wanted to make prof...

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