Essay about Techniques Used to Create Tension in I’m the King of the Castle

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Question 1(a)

What technique does Susan Hill use to create tension in I’m the King
of the Castle. Refer closely to the two incidents in the novel to
illustrate your answer.

Susan Hill implements a couple of writing techniques to create tension
in the novel. Tension n this sense simply means mental strain or
excitement in the readers. One of the techniques used is shown when
she uses a third-person narration to narrate the story. This narrator
is omniscient and implies that he/ she is not one of the characters in
the novel and at the same time know everything that is running through
the characters’ minds. Hill uses this technique to bring the readers
on a journey of moving freely in time and space to allow them to know
what any character is doing or thinking at any one point of time. This
is only possible because the narrator is not a character in the novel
and is allowed to be anywhere, anytime. A limitation of this technique
is that the omniscient narrator is in control of what the readers are
exposed to and this may in turn produce a biased thinking against a

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