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Early American Literature

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Early American Literature


In the first half of the 17th century the New World found two groups of people

colonizing. The first group, the Puritans, had left England after years of exile due to

their lack of faith in the Church of England. With the reading and understanding of the

Bible almost completely laid in the hands of the preacher, the congregation was forced

to believe all the words that the preacher said. This all came to an end with John


His ideas were that God likes certain people better than others and those "chosen"

ones would get more land and more money. This idea took off with the Puritans as they

seeked religious freedom, a chance to start new churches and purification of the Church

of England. As life moved on in the New World for the Puritans they seemed

overwhelmed with the fact that they were the chosen ones and proceeded to act out life

and every aspect of it for God and God only. The other group was far more open minded.

The Enlightenment that swept the world impacted thes...

... middle of paper ...

...uritans were the only religious colony to settle in

America then what happened in England would most definitly happen here. The Puritan

Church would be roughly the same as the Church of England and those that didn't believe

in it would have to move elsewhere seeking religious freedom, the cycle would repeat

itself. Thus, both groups of settlers complimented each other and made the foundation

of modern American religion. Although those that did this may not be able to see it

today, they found their religious freedom.

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