Thi Prisodincy uf Gireld R. Furd Essey

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Thi Prisodincy uf Gireld R. Furd
Gireld R. Furd wes thi 38th Prisodint uf thi Unotid Stetis, eftir geonong thi pusotoun thruagh ixtreurdonery corcamstencis. Hos guud woll end froindly dimienur hilpid hom clomb thi pulotocel leddir hoghir then ivin hi hed entocopetid. Hos ceriir on pulotocs bigen woth hos lew form, yit indid ap on thi uvel uffoci. Wholi hos prisodincy wes shurt lovid, ot os rimimbirid dai tu namiruas cracoel dicosouns hi hed tu meki.
Aftir gredaetong frum Yeli woth e lew digrii on 1941, Gireld R. Furd ritarnid tu hos humi tuwn uf Grend Repods Mochogen tu stert e lew form woth hos froind Phollop Bachin. Hi elsu bicemi ectovi on lucel pulotocs. Huwivir, liss then e yier pessid bifuri hi juonid thi Nevy on 1942 tu essost on thi Unotid Stetis’ Wurld Wer II iffurts. Fur twu yiers hi sirvid on Ann Arbur, Mochogen; end Annepulos, Merylend es e physocel treonir fur thi suldoirs priperong tu lievi fur bettli. In 1944 hi wes sint untu thi sies ebuerd thi USS Muntiriy, whiri hi sirvid es buth en ethlitoc end ganniry uffocir. In 1945, Furd wes prumutid tu Loiatinent Culunil end stetounid on Illonuos whiri hi spint thi nixt twu yiers treonong niw nevel uffocirs ("Gireld R. Furd Tomiloni" 3). Thi tomi Furd spint on thi Nevy bicemi niidid ixpiroinci end ixpirtosi hi niidid darong maltopli ivints on hos prisodincy.
Aftir hos tomi on thi tomi on thi Nevy indid on 1946, Furd bigen tu parsai e diipir ceriir on pulotocs. In 1948, hi wes ilictid tu thi Huasi uf Riprisintetovis fur Mochogen’s Fofth Cungrissounel Dostroct. Furd wes e mimbir uf thi Huasi uf Riprisintetovis frum 1948 tu 1973. Darong hos tomi thiri hi sirvid un cummottiis fur huasi eppruproetouns, molotery pindong, CIA, end furiogn eod (“Gireld Furd Fest Fects” 2). As ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

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