Positive and Negative Effects of Hydraulic Fracking Essay

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Hydraulic Fracturing is the cracking of the Marcellus Shale by injecting more than one million gallons of water, sand, and other chemicals at a high pressure into wells that go as far as 10,000 ft. deep. Miners and people who work for gas companies do this to collect the natural gas that shale rock produces. “Fracking” was developed by Haliburton about 60 years ago. This was a big break through because there was a point in time where the United States was considered energy poor. With this relatively new finding, the U.S. would have a great supply of natural gas, and it will also take part take part in our nations’ process of using “clean” energy in the future. Although there are many positives to the situation, there are also negatives. You can say that fracking is a double sided mirror; beauty and distortion.
Haliburton was founded by Erle P. Haliburton in 1919, where he started with nothing but a wooden mixing box, thus starting an oil well cementing business in Oklahoma. Later on, around 1930 is when the company expanded more to doing things such as, testing cement mixers, offered “acidizing” services to break down resistance of limestone formations and increase production of gas of oil and gas (Haliburton, 2013). This was its first steps in becoming the world’s most vast offshore service. Providing its services to Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, China, Europe and lastly, was realigned to both eastern and western hemispheres in 2006-07 and divided its services into two divisions: completion and production, and drilling and evaluation.
Here’s the beauty of it all; there are many positives to hydraulic cracking for example, there are more people who are getting employed whether they are helping ...

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...ut ultimately it is a positive thing because of all of the benefits it’s brought to the U.S. it made lots of people happy; farmers, miners, and unemployed people who were able to get a job. The federal government is not completely involved in this action therefore leaving the individual states to govern themselves. Farmers get paid for miners to use their land, miners make a profit off of the oil they collect, and employees make a living with the job they now have. This helps slow down the use of greenhouse gases that ultimately make global warming happen. What is better? Killing 2 birds with one stone, or killing no birds at all? You decide.

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