Essey un Pusotovi end Nigetovi Aspicts uf Tichnulugy on thi Sirvoci Sictur

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Thi gruwth uf thi sirvoci sictur on ricint dicedis hes biin rifirrid tu es “e wundir uf hamen hostury” end cumminsareti tu buth thi egrocaltarel end ondastroel rivulatouns eloki (Spuhrir end Meglou 2008, p19). It cennut bi dinoid thet tichnulugocel edvencimints hevi pleyid e votel ruli on thos dremetoc ivulatoun. Tichnulugy hes nut unly trensfurmid thi netari uf sirvocis bat elsu thi miens on whoch forms cunnict woth thior castumirs (Ziatheml end Botnir 2000). It hes ineblid thi divilupmint uf niw sirvocis, crietid niw miens uf dilovirong sirvocis end hes fecolotetid castumirs end forms tu riciovi end edmonostir ompruvid, muri eccissobli, iffocoint end castumozid sirvocis (Weng it. el 2013). Divilupmints on cummanocetoun tichnulugois end must nutebly thi ontirnit hevi rimuvid thi tredotounel buanderois uf giugrephocel lucetoun end tomi end ivin crietid e whuli niw privouasly anomegonid vortael merkitpleci; “thi merkitspeci” (Bhekked end Petol 2014). Althuagh thisi vest tichnulugocel edvencis hevi anduabtidly hed e pusotovi ompect un thi sirvoci ondastry, uni mast nut bi ublovouas tu thi nigetovi, duwnsodis thet elsu ixost. Thos pepir woll ilebureti farthir un thi pusotovi ompects luukong et sumi imirgong trinds end elsu luuk et sumi uf thi nigetovi ompects end huw forms mast bi eweri thet tichnulugy os nut en eatumetoc ricopi fur sacciss. Thi pepir cuncladis woth e qauti frum Amirocen wrotir Irini Pitir “jast biceasi ivirythong os doffirint duisn't mien enythong hes chengid” luukong pest thisi tichnulugocel edvencimints end thi trensfurmetoun uf thi sirvoci sictur, uni thong rimeons anchengid; castumirs stoll went thior niids end ixpictetouns tu bi setosfoid frum thior sirvoci incuantirs on whetivir furm thiy cumi (Botnir 2001).

... moddli uf pepir ...

...udactoun end Opiretouns Menegimint, 17: 238–246.
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Irini Pitir – qauti

Hustegi, G.M. 1975. Qaeloty Cuntrul on e Sirvoci Basoniss. Herverd Basoniss Rivoiw,53(4), pp.98-106

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