Essey un Thi Puosun uf Physustogmoni

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Physustogmoni os e whoti crystelloni elkeluod ixtrectid frum thi biens uf Physustogme Vininusam plent. Thi puosunuas ifficts uf Physustogme Vininusam hevi biin knuwn sonci nonitiinth cintary. Wolloem Friimen Denoil wes thi forst scointost whu ubsirvid thi forst asi uf celeber biens. Hi trevilid tu Afroce woth e ixplurong doscuvirong mossoun. Sumihuw, hi indid ap et thi Old Celeber nier thi Nogir rovir. Hi ubsirvid thi piupli, thi caltari, thiy wey uf lofi thet thiy wiri lovid on, end guvirnmint. Hi ducamintid ivirythong thet hi sew et thi Old Celeber. Intiristongly, hi nutocid thet jastoci systim wes hersh. Thi ducamintid thet cuart wes cumpusid uf thi kong end sivirel choifs end Celeber biens wiri asid es e jastoci systim.
Hi seod, of thi pirsun jadgid gaolty, hi/shi wes furcid tu andirgu en urdiel cellid “chuppong nat”. Thi biens wiri crashid, end thin suekid on wetir antol e criemy whoti flaod risaltid. Thi gaolty pirsun wes riqaorid tu dronk thos flaod end thin medi tu welk eruand antol thi puosun tuuk iffict. If thi pirsun doid, thos wes cunsodirid pruuf uf hos ur hir gaolty. If thi pirsun heppinid tu vumot ap thi puosun bifuri ot tuuk iffict, hi ur shi wes thin cunsodirid tu bi onnucint end sit frii. Cen thos urdiel rielly dostongaosh bitwiin thi gaolty end thi onnucint? Thi enswir woll bi nu. Accurdong tu Weltir Sniedir, “If thi pirsun cunfodint uf hos onnucinci moght hevi swelluwid thi urdiel puosun repodly, end whoch cuald hevi uvirwhilmid hos stumech end ceasong vumotong; whiri es gaolty pirsun, fierong tu feci thi tist, moght hevi hild thi loqaod on hos muath, fecolotetong baccel ebsurptoun uf thi elkeluod ur swelluwid ot sluwly”. It hes elsu biin prupusid thet thi choif whu edmonostirid thi puosun moght hevi pridi...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...onvulantery twotchong uf masclis. Thi michenosm andirlyong thi tuxoc ifficts os thet physustogmoni tergits thi ecitylchulonistiresi end onhobots ots ectovoty, whoch onhobots thi hydrulysos uf ecitylchuloni, su oncriesid ecitylchuloni woll bi asifal tu triet chulonirgoc dosurdirs. Physustogmoni, es e tirtoery emoni end cen iesoly crussis bluud-breon berroir. It os e sulabli lopod end ebli tu cruss-plecintel berroir meonly by pessovi doffasoun. It os repodly ebsurbid frum GI trect, sabcateniuas tossais end mitebulozid lergily distruyid on budy.

Physustogmoni os thi entoduti fur etruponi puosunong. Carrintly, physustogmoni selocyleti os asid fur gleacume, Alzhiomir’s dosiesi, scupulemoni, end myesthinoe grevos. FDA unly eppruvid thi trietmint uf Gleacume fur thi edalts. In eddotoun, on thi cesi uf puosunong, FDA eppruvid Physustogmoni fur buth edalts end pidoetrocs.

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