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Day by day, people become having more greed. We notice that they try to cheat or steal anything to achieve their goals. Nowadays, big companies are specialized only to imitate products, without permissions by the manufacturing companies, such as car spare parts, clothes and shoes. Likewise so many writers commit plagiarism because they merely think about their own good, while they do not think about the consequences. The way of paying the price of this kind of crime depends on the reaction of the original writers or the organizations investigating their laws to protect copyright.
First, plagiarizing students must be expelled. Many students are not well aware of the strict law preventing them to use even some statements from other resources without citation or quotation. According to the website, the student Allison Routman, studying in the U.Va. Shipboard program, was accused of plagiarism when she borrowed some phrases from to support her outline assignment of the movie “ Europa Europa”. Even though, she claimed that nobody had explained anything relating to plagiarism and said she did not made up as the other students who confessed that they did copying from some sources because she did think she was working well on her homework, the officials and her teacher did not admit her apology. They said this was her fault because she was supposed to read the documents including the honor-code of the university they gave her in the beginning of the summer semester. Finally she was victim of plagiarism nonetheless she did not intend that. (1)
In addition, plagiarizing writers might be sued by courts. Some writers may not only do copying the whole structure, but also lead to bad reputation by falsifying the real purpose of the original writing from serious to nonsense. According to the, the former English teacher Dan Brown, 39 years old, plagiarized the architecture of two books, The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail of the writers Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln, converting their serious ideas, which discuss the hypothesis of Jesus’ marriage with Magdalene and their distinct, to comedian story describing a professor at Harvard tried among conspiracy to stop Jesus to marry Magdalene. They did a long research for six years to write these books and to sell two million copies, and finally after twenty years Dan Brown ripped them off and sold much more copies. These authors except Lincoln insisted to claim to the court because they are convinced that there is no way to hush up.

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Finally Dan Brown was incriminated by the judge. (2)

Moreover, another kind of penalty may be is cancellation the plagiarized books and also losing further contracts of writing books. According to the, the 19-year-old Harvard student Kaavya Viswanathan was accused of plagiarism. She wrote two books one of them is “ How Optal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got Life” which is contain many paraphrases lifted from a book of the author McCafferty “ Sloppy Firsts”. When she was interviewed she confessed that McCafferty’S book was the source of these conveyed sentences and she added that is because she read the book many times and they were stuck in her unconscious memory as if they had been her personal words. Later and after ten days of the spread out news praising her and after selling and after her almost getting two hefty contracts, there was another scandal when the fans of Kinsella informed him that she stole his book “ Can You Keep a Secret” in a bulk. The publishing company Little Brown& Co decided to delete the idea of cleaning the plagiarized sentences and issuing the first book again because the Taylor Williams, an expert publishing lawyer and specialized in literary, explained that it might be other disappeared crimes not discovered yet as long as they learned that she did twice, therefore it refuted the relaunching. The Little Brown& Co cancelled the books and pulled them from the market in order to satisfy the authors and get away as possible from the legal responsibility. Finally after the Harvard author lost the contract with Little Brown& Co, she lost excellent opportunity to achieve $500,000.
In conclusion, I can say that plagiarism is considered as any kind of crimes. The penalty always is severe but it depends on the case. For example if a student did any sort of copying or imitation of the structure of any source he must be rejected from the school without any hope to return. Also if a writer lifted a whole architecture and provoked the authors writing the original one by lumping them with his redeciolous work, they might sue him at least to protect their amazing fame. In addition the writer may lose his/her current work and other opportunities by acquisition bad reputation.

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