The Philippines Famous Landforms

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Philippines’ famous landforms
The Philippines famous landforms are many and include the famed Chocolate Hills in Bohol , the famous rice terraces in Benguit, the Maria Cristina Water Falls (this is one of Philippines famous landforms and is know to be one of the world’s highest water falls) in Mindanao and of course the Palawan Underground River.

One of the best known Philippines famous landforms are the Chocolate Hills in Bohol. The Chocolate Hills are a unique geological landform located in Bohol, Philippines. These famous landforms of the Philippines consist of approximately 1,776 hills which cover an estimated area of around 20 sq mi. These hills are covered with green grass which becomes brown in the dry season, and that’s why they are called the “Chocolate Hills”. The Chocolate Hills are one of the best known Philippines famous landforms and a major tourist attraction of Philippines. They are shown in this country’s provincial flag and seal. They have recently been included as the third National Geological Monument of Philippines and listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Another Philippines famous landforms are the famous rice terraces in Benguit. Bakun Central located in Benguet serves as the jump off point for the climb to Mt. Kabunian. The Bakun "kanka-nai" and "bago" tribes are the natives that inhabit Bakun Central and one of the most famous landforms of the Philippines are their famous rice terraces. The Bakun rice terraces are quite unique and different from other rice terraces because the walls of these rice terraces are made up of stones from the river. You can also visit the kanka-nai's famous burial grounds where you can see the JAR COFFINS and WOOD COFFINS of their ancestors are kept.

One of Philippines famous landforms is the Maria Cristina Water Falls. This famous falls are located in the city of Majestic waterfalls at Iligan City, Philippines. The Maria Cristina water Falls measure 320-feet high and are located on the Agus River of the island of Mindanao. The Maria Cristina Falls are often contemplated as the most breath-taking amongst the 23 waterfalls which are established at the city of "Majestic Waterfalls", Iligan City.

Any discussion on Philippines famous landforms is incomplete without mentioning the Palawan Underground River National Park where the Palawan underground river is. This National Park spans over 5,000 hectares of pristine forest. The Palawan underground river is approximately 8km long under the cliffs, 4km of can be covered by banca with a guide.

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The stalactites and stalagmites make this a scene of breathtaking beauty and definitely worth of inclusion in Philippines famous landforms. The Palawan Underground River also has cathedral-like caverns and domes and the stalactites and stalagmites formation look like religious symbols such as fruits and birds.

Some of the other Philippines famous landforms are the Alah Valley, the Isla Verde Passage, the Manila Trench and the Philippine Trench. Other famous landforms that are worth a mention are Mount Mayon: - a perfect cone-shaped volcano in the Bicol Region, Mount Apo: the highest point of the Philippines located in Davao City, Taal Volcano: the smallest volcano in the Philippines located in the middle of the lake, the Pagsanjan Falls - one of the famous waterfalls of Laguna and the Sierra Madre Mountains located in Northern Luzon body. There as you can see Philippines famous landforms are many and awesome.

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