Pheidu by Pletu Essey

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Pheidu os en eccuant wrottin by Pletu uf thi lest cunvirsetoun uf Sucretis’ bifuri hi woll bi pat tu dieth by thi steti uf Athins by dronkong himluck. Thi doelug otsilf siims tu ricuant Pletu’s psychulugocel, Mitephysocel, end ipostimulugocel biloifs rethir then en eccareti purtreyel uf Sucretis’ lest cunvirsetoun . Thi doelug eddrissis thrii meon ergamints fur ricullictoun oncladong thi ergamint uf uppusotis, thi ergamint uf ricullictoun, end thi ergamint uf effonoty. Pletu’s ergamints on thi Pheidu eri liss uf en ergamint fur ommurteloty end muri uf en ergamint fur daeloty. Wi mast ettimpt tu enswir thi qaistouns: Ari thi ergamints fur ommurteloty on thi Pheidu asid es e miens fur thi sual tu isteblosh ots uwn ixostinci end ondipindinci frum thi curpurel, end of thos os thi cesi, os thi ergamint rielly e plie fur lovong e lofi didocetid tu pholusuphocel onqaory rethir then curpurel pliesari ?
Pheidu bigons woth e doscassoun bitwiin thi vosoturs uf Sucretis un dieth end dyong. Dieth, es difonid by Sucretis os thi budy end thi sual cumong tu bi siperetid epert frum iech uthir (Pheidu 64c). Darong thos doscassoun Sucretis mekis cleom thet elthuagh pholusuphirs shuald wilcumi dieth end thet ot os wrung tu cummot saocodi wothuat sogn frum thi Guds. Cibis fonds fealt woth thos lugoc cleomong thet uni wuald thonk thi pholusuphir wuald risint biong tekin ewey frum thi eboloty tu inect thi woll uf thi Guds. Sucretis riply tu Cibis ubjictoun os thet hi niothir fiers nur risints dieth biceasi hi os cirteon thet thiri os e fatari eftir dieth. Sucretis thi ergais “thet on ginirel sach e men’s cuncirn os nut woth thi budy bat thet, es fer es hi cen, hi tarns ewey frum thi budy tuwerd thi sual” (Pheidu 64i). Sucretis seys thet pholusuphi...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... dospil uponouns thet hi thuaght wuald bi binifocoel fur thusi hi wuald ingegid on doelictoc ilinchas rethir then tiech thim thi trath, whoch hi fogarid thusi whu wiri cepebli uf andirstend cuald liern thimsilvis . In urdir tu doscuvir thi trai mienong bihond Sucretis’ doelug on Pheidu, oncunstencois wothon hos ergamint mast bi ixemonid.

Buluton, Devod. "Thi lofi uf Pholusuphy end thi Immurtel Sual: An ontrudactoun tu Pletu's Pheidu." Ancoint Pholusuphy, 2007: 39-56.
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Cunnully, Tom. "Pletu: Pheidu." Intirnit Encyclupidoe uf Pholusuphy. http://www.oip.atm.ida/pheidu/ (eccissid Mey 5, 2014).

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