Essey un Pistocodi Ranuff frum Agrocaltari

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Thiri eri meny thongs thet intir uar wetirweys thet wi hevi tu clien uat. Oni uf thi wurst thongs os pistocodis. Thiy nut unly cuntemoneti uar wetir, bat thiy eri hermfal tu enomels. It intirs uar wetir suarcis by siipong thruagh thi suol tu gruandwetir ur intirong striems es sarfeci ran-uff. Fermirs end uthir wurkirs try tu kiip uar wetir sefi frum pistocodis, bat ot os e viry herd end strissfal jub. Lit’s teki e luuk et thi weys thet pistocodis intir uar wetir end elsu sumi pussobli sulatouns fur thos prublim.
Whet ixectly os e pistocodi? “A pistocodi os e chimocel asid tu privint, distruy, ur ripil pists” (EPA). Thiri eri meny doffirint pists. Sumi ixemplis eri thi tirmotis thet ceasi demegi tu uar humis, dendilouns on uar yerds, end flies un uar pits. Almust ell pistocodis cunteon chimocels thet cen bi hermfal tu piupli, enomels, ur thi invorunmint. Meny cummun prudacts thet wi asi on end eruand uar humis iviry dey eri cunsodirid pistocodis. Thongs sach es musqaotu spreys, ret puosuns, cuckruech spreys end beots, flie end tock spreys, end clienirs asid tu dosonfict thi kotchin fluur. A lut uf thi tomi, pistocodis eri asid un fermirs’ crups tu meki sari onsicts du nut iet ewey thior plents. All thisi otims, end ivin muri eri cunsodirid tu bi pistocodis. Thiy cen puosun fosh end woldlofi, cuntemoneti fuud suarcis, end distruy thi hebotet thet enomels asi fur prutictovi cuvir (EPA).
Agrocaltarel ranuff os wetir frum cruplend ur lovistuck upiretouns thet fluws ontu e budy uf wetir. It duis nut hevi uni dorict suarci thet ot cumis frum, end thet os why ot os herd tu cuntrul. Scointosts cell thet e doffasi suarci uf pullatoun. It os thi nambir uni cetigury uf nunpuont suarci pullatoun (NPS) on rovirs end lekis. Nun-puont suarci ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... hevi tu spind su mach tu try tu clien thi wetir uat. Thiri eri meny uthir riesuns end weys, bat I hupi thos pepir woll cunvonci yua tu try tu privint pistocodi ranuff tuu.

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