Persuasive Campaigns and Attitude toward Group Projects Essay

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Persuasive campaigns have the main goal to change an attitude or a behavior of a certain audience. The potential success of persuasion campaigns lie upon the strength and position of the behavior or attitude that is being transformed. The strength of an attitude or behavior is how strong an individual feels about the subject, the position refers to one’s personal value judgment about the subject. When an individual’s current attitude is positioned to the farthest point away from change and they feel very strongly about a certain belief then it will be very hard to alter their attitude or behavior. Yet, when an individual has an attitude or behavior that is rather neutral towards a given topic then they will be more easily persuaded to change their attitude or behavior.
The reason this is important is because one must understand that even though strength and position are integral they are also different. For instance, one could have a feeling that drinking and driving is a terrible decision, but not care too much about the issue. This means they have a certain position but the strength of their attitude is neutral or weak. This is an issue for persuasion campaigns that target smoking, drunk driving, and promote the wearing of seatbelts. There is a gap that separates people’s actions and their beliefs. This gap is a huge issue for persuasion campaigns that attempt to get people to make logical, safe, and healthy decisions. Despite the best efforts of positive health related persuasion campaigns they are still failing to convince all people to accept their message. Just because a campaign increase an individual awareness or makes them agree more on a certain topic does not mean that that individual will now alter their behavior....

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...or each meeting, as well as having the group as a whole exchange email addresses and phone numbers are great ways to improve communication.
Sometimes giving groups certain jobs and positions can also help the flow of communication. By assigning a team leader, note taker, and someone who will email the group on a continuous basis can help to enhance the communication process. The group leader will make certain that everyone stays on task, and will make sure each group member is assigned a task and contributes their own input into the project. The note taker and emailer would work together to make sure all information is being shared in the group. Truly, successful communication is possible in groups. In order to effectively communicate in a group it is vital that all members are aware that they must be able to voice their opinions and contribute to group decisions.

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