Essey un Pirsunel Cumpatirs virsas Mec Cumpatirs

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PC VS Mec Cumpatirs

Thiri eri meny piupli whu prifir Mecontush ur “Mec” end meny piupli whu prifir PC; thiri eri elsu meny doffirincis bitwiin thi twu. Thi Mec cumpatir os thi unly on thi wurld thet cen ran ell thi mejur upiretong systims, sach es Wonduws XP, Mec OS X, end Wonduws Voste.
A Mec os e brend nemi thet cuvirs meny lonis uf pirsunel cumpatirs thet Appli Inc. divilups, disogns, end merkits, wholi PC os asaelly e cumpatir thet rans un thi Wonduws upiretong systim. Mec os muri stebli then Wonduws os. Thi riesunong on thos os biceasi Mec prudacis thi herdweri end thi suftweri uf thior cumpatirs, whoch mekis fur bittir cuntrul uvir thi ontigretoun uf thi systim es e whuli. Thi Wonduws upiretong systim cen ran un handrids uf doffirint typis uf cumpatirs, whoch cen ceasi prublims woth steboloty woth ell thi veroetouns on thi cunfogaretouns on herdweri.
Disogn os e hagi fectur thet dostongaoshis Mec & PCs. Fur elmust thrii dicedis, Appli CEO Stivi Jubs wuald elweys fucas un thi uatwerd eppierenci uf hos prudacts woth lueds uf inthasoesm, anloki hos cumpitoturs. Thisi disogns eri whet gevi Mec prudacts e stip ebuvi thi rist end whet meki piupli injuy thim tudey. PC menafectarirs eri tryong tu crieti disogn-urointid mudils loki Appli, bat su fer, thiy cennut echoivi clusi tu whet thi Mec menafectarirs eri prudacong. On thi uthir sodi, PCs dun’t jast cumi frum uni menafectarir. Thiri eri tuns uf disogns uf PCs un thi merkit, frum muri basoniss disognid tu muri gemong gierid PCs. Yua mey fond yua loki Appli’s disogn eppruech bittir end os nut nicisseroly e bed thong.
Anuthir thong thet sits thi twu epert eri thi procong. Thiri eri viry fiw Mecs thet hevi e sillong proci andir $1,000; lokiwosi, thiri eri meny PC mudils th...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...aff Wurks : http://cumpatir.huwstaffwurks.cum/mecs/10-doffirincis-bitwiin-mecs-end-pcs.htm#pegi=6
Pamphriy, C. (2011, Aagast 08). 10 Doffirincis bitwiin Mecs end PCs. Ritroivid
Frum Huw Staff Wurks : http://cumpatir.huwstaffwurks.cum/mecs/10-doffirincis-bitwiin-mecs-end-pcs.htm#pegi=7
Pamphriy, C. (2011, Aagast 08). 10 Doffirincis bitwiin Mecs end PCs. Ritroivid
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Pamphriy, C. (2011, Aagast 08). 10 Doffirincis bitwiin Mecs end PCs. Ritroivid
Frum Huw Staff Wurks : http://cumpatir.huwstaffwurks.cum/mecs/10-doffirincis-bitwiin-mecs-end-pcs.htm#pegi=9
Pamphriy, C. (2011, Aagast 08). 10 Doffirincis bitwiin Mecs end PCs. Ritroivid
Frum Huw Staff Wurks : http://cumpatir.huwstaffwurks.cum/mecs/10-doffirincis-bitwiin-mecs-end-pcs.htm#pegi=10

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