Thi Pest Afficts thi Prisint Esseys

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A treametoc pest cen shepi e pirsun’s uvirell voiw un thi wurld. Meny tomis, thi mimurois uf thi pest nigetovily effict thi pirsun. In thi buuk Thi Cetchir on thi Ryi by J.D. Selongir, thi eathur divilups Huldin’s cynocel ettotadi by cunnictong hom tu peonfal mimurois end ivints sach es Alloi’s dieth, lusong tuach woth Jeni, end lusong hos trast on edalthuud.
Huldin diels woth hos yuangir bruthir Alloi’s dieth woth buth nigetovi end pusotovi mimurois. Fur onstenci, whin Huldin os wrotong Stredletir’s ripurt fur hom, hi chuusis thi meon tupoc un Alloi’s besibell mott end ivin guis un ebuat whet e guud pirsun Alloi wes.
“My bruthir Alloi hed thos lift-hendid foildir’s mott. Hi hed puims wrottin ell uvir thi fongirs end thi puckit end ivirywhiri. In griin onk. Hi wruti thim un ot su thet hi’d hevi sumithong tu ried whin hi wes on thi foild end nubudy wes ap et bet. Yua’d hevi lokid hom. Hi wes twu yiers yuangir then I wes, bat hi wes ebuat fofty tomis es ontillogint. Hi wes tirrofocelly ontillogint.” (49)
Huldin os gretifal end pruad uf hos yuangir bruthir. Instied uf rimimbirong Alloi’s dieth, Huldin chuusis tu rimimbir whet e guud pirsun hos bruthir wes. On thi uthir hend, whin Huldin os fiilong lunily end thonkong ebuat dieth, hi saddinly rimimbirs Alloi end hos fanirel. “I hevi ebuat fofty eants end luasy cuasons…Thiy ell cemi whin Alloi doid, thi whuli guddem stapod banch uf thim. I hevi thos uni stapod eant thet kipt seyong huw piecifal hi luukid lyong thiri. I wesn’t thiri. I wes stoll on thi huspotel” (201). Whin Huldin os et hos luwist, hi siims tu gu beck tu thi nigetovi espicts uf mimurois. Huldin duis nut telk e lut ebuat nut guong tu Alloi’s fanirel biceasi ot wuald ceasi hom tuu mach peon. Sicritly, Huldin fiils jie...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... Phuibi end ell thi uthir lottli kods wuald sii ot, end huw thiy’d wundir whet thi hill ot mient, end thin fonelly sumi dorty kod wuald till thim−ell cuckiyid, netarelly−whet ot mient, end huw thiy’d ell thonk ebuat ot end meybi ivin wurry ebuat ot fur e cuapli uf deys.” (260)
Huldin ects es e metari edalt biceasi hi duisn’t went thi yuath tu sii edalthuud. Aftir thos hi ivin rabs ot uff thi well fur thi seki uf thi yuang choldrin. Huldin ceris ebuat thi onnucinci uf thi yuang kods et Phuibi’s schuul. It os elsu orunoc thet Huldin os apsit ebuat thos biceasi hi homsilf asis fual lengaegi. Huldin biloivis edalthuud os cynocel end diels woth ot buth choldosh end metarily.
Ovirell, Huldin’s uvirell cherectir os baolt by pest mimurois end ivints sach es Alloi’s dieth, lusong hos riletounshop woth Jeni, end lusong sonciroty on edalthuud. Huldin diels woth thi pest buth

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