The Palestinian Dance: Dabkeh Essay

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The Palestinian Dance
The Palestinian dance, also known as “Dabkeh”, is one of the most well-known dances in the worldwide. The Dabkeh is performed in many countries like Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. Each country has different Dabkeh movements than the other. Also, there are different Dabkeh songs depending on the culture and the traditions of the country. As for the Palestinian Dabkeh, it is considered the most famous dance in the Arab region and the Middle-East. It is performed in weddings, joyous occasions and cultural events. It is classified under the line dances because the dancers stand up in one line while performing. However, in some parts the dancers break the line by changing their places.
The Dabkeh was formed in the Levant, the region that include Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria, where the houses were built from stone and wood. It unites people from different families and strengthens the bond of brotherhood between them. Dabkeh is based on harmonized foot stomping. The dancers can stand either in a straight line, in an arch, or in a circle. When they stand in a straight line or in an acrh, dancers can hold hands or shoulders to create harmony and synchronization. Whereas when they form a circle, they hold shoulders so that the circle shape is maintained. Male or female dancers perform Dabkeh as a part of the traditions. It can be danced separately or integrated depending on the number of dancers and the occasion. Dabkeh was performed in occasions and events especially popular at weddings and is performed by a group of no less than ten people called dabke dancers “dabeeka”. They are accompanied by a flute player and oriental drum where the dancers listen to the tempo and perform according to the rhythm. Aft...

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... perform a dance that was formed from scratch.

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