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i. Abstract.
ii. Primary functions of management.
iii. Responsibility for each function at Kudler Fine Foods.
iv. Uses of technology and the internet at Kudler Fine Foods.
v. How technology and internet affects its management.
vi. Example from Kudler illustrating each of the five forces from Porters
vii. Conclusion.

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viii. References

Management is defined as the use of people and other resources to accomplish objectives. Management by necessity involves the creation of an environment in which people can use other resources to reach stated goals of the organization. It also involves the implementation of the functions of management--planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Management is a pervasive aspect of the operation of all organizations. According to Gomez-Mejia 2002, it defines management traditionally as referring to individuals responsible for making resource allocation decisions and with the formal authority to direct others. Any successful organization relies heavily on its' management and the failure also on them, Therefore, management can be looked upon as a two sided coin that can lay on any side depending on where it lands upon when tossed. Care must be taken such that the side of predicted outcome could be gotten always.

Functions of management in today's rapidly changing competitive world, the human element of management is becoming more and more significant. A successful manager must have the knowledge and expertise of effective concepts as it relates to leading. Management is a function, a discipline, and constant action to be done. They are the professionals who practice this discipline, carry out the functions, and provide these tasks needed for effective running of the organization. According to Gomez-Mejia 2002, they are divided into four namely: Planning and Strategizing, Organizing, Leading and Controlling.
Planning and Strategizing is selecting priorities and results (goals, objectives, etc.) and how those results will achieved. Planning typically includes identifying goals, objectives, methods, resources needed to carry out methods, responsibilities and dates for completion of tasks. Examples of planning are strategic planning, business planning, project planning, staffing planning, advertising and promotions planning. Planning activities includes setting out organization objectives and mapping out how this can be accomplished. In Kudler foods, the planning is done by Kathy Kudler who can be looked upon as the strategic manager. The idea was to stock a wide selection of the freshest ingredients as well as all of the tools a gourmet cook could ever want under one roof so to prevent moving from one store to another for that which is needed and also to be done. Kudler foods had a mission statement and a vision as identified previously.
Organizing is allocating and configuring resources to accomplish the preferred goals and objectives establishing during the planning processes. According to Gomez-Mejia 2002, it defines organizing as involving specifying how the firm's human, financial, physical, informational, and technical resources are arranged and coordinated to perform tasks to achieve desired goals. Organizing activities can be self, group or a committee depending on where you are functioning at that point in time. Organization in Kudler foods was evident, by the creation of various departments to address each need that was envisioned originally.
Leading is establishing direction and influencing people to follow that direction. According to Louis 2002, it is defined as energizing people to contribute their best individually and in cooperation with other people. Communication is crucial in this role, presentation of the ideas must have direct effects on those being lead so as to accomplish the tasks at hand. To lead, they created a model of just one store initially, perfected it prior to creating other stores.
Controlling is monitoring and adjusting resources and processes to achieve goals and objectives in a highly effective and efficient fashion. Controlling was evident in their hours of operation and the type of foods served different times of the day in relation to what people are likely to consume at time in relation to those who are health conscious.

Kudler Fine Foods have employed the services of the internet in advertising it services and products on the internet and in doing so, they are using the technology made available. The services provided by the organization in relation to their hours of operation were displayed in the corner that will definitely be noticed by consumers.
The history of the business and how long they have been in services was also provided , to show the consumers that they are the first, and successful at it. In doing so, they also showed the various locations and addresses , not to mention the directions or maps to the place. The business location had been noticeably in California, which shows that, they have been able to manage the business in the biggest state in the US, which requires driving from one point to other to accomplish their gourmet and ingredients tasks.

The management team can be observed to check the intranet of their organization daily to see that which is changing in relation to the various presentations in relation to its services. The wine department was listed to have stewards that address individual needs not to mention the wine appreciation classes to encourage consumers to come by.


The five forces from the porter's model are; Rivalry, Threat of Substitutes, Supplier Power, Buyer Power, and Barriers to Entry/ Threat of Entry. Kudler engagement in bakery, competes with the bread supplier, meat/seafood/dairy/cheese from the various departmental stores and wine with the various liquor stores locally.
Threat of substitutes was in effect from the various items presented within the store, for every consumer, there is a need within their store. In relation to the supplier and buying power, they are readily available to provide to met the customers income at all times within any budget. Threat of entry by Kudler was driving down the cost of running the business, making items available at the most affordable prices to the consumer, so for the new entries to the market, they must be willing to forgo the initial profit for while and compete against Kudler to survive.

Kudler fine foods used the all the functions of management in their business creation, running and managing in their day to day activities. They are willing to be the forefront in the industry of making it happen and succeeding at it too. Price was a factor that was managed carefully and profit was achievable based on the succession of the new stores opened within a short time frames. Internet and technology was also employed as a tool to market their products and services to anyone in the area and looking to shop for gourmet foods and ingredients.

Gomez-Mejia, L.R, & Balkin, D.B., (2002). Management (1ed.). The McGraw Hill Companies

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