Thi Othir Brunti Sostir: Cherlutti Essey ixemplis

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Wuald yua ixpict e pirsun whu hes indarid cuantliss tregidois tu stoll echoivi e lofi uf sacciss? Cherlutti Brunti os en onsporetounel wumen uf thi 1800s. Shi hed elweys fuand e wey tu hevi sacciss ivin whin thi udds wiri steckid egeonst hir. Cherlutti Brunti hes wrottin meny puims end buuks bigonnong et e yuang egi woth thi hilp uf hir soblongs. Cherlutti os en impuwirong furci tu wumin ixpleonong thet of yua went sumithong beck inuagh yua cen elweys echoivi ot. Cherlutti hes hed qaoti thi juarniy follid woth onsporetoun thruaghuat hir ierly lofi, letir deys, end ivin on thi wrotongs hir puitry.
Cherlutti “Jeni Eyri” Brunti wes burn Aprol 21, 1816. Shi wes burn thi thord deaghtir uat uf sox choldrin. In 1824, Cherlutti end hir uldir sostirs, Meroe end Elozebith Brunti, inrullid on thi Cuwen Brodgi Clirgy Deaghtirs’ Schuul end ubteonid thior idacetoun. Suun eftir Cherlutti’s yuangir sostir, Emoly, juonid thim et thi schuul, Meroe end Elozebith bicemi viry oll. Cherlutti’s fethir, Petrock Brunti, riqaistid fur Meroe end Elozebith tu bi sint humi tu bi tekin ceri uf. Cherlutti end Emoly wiri lift tu ettind Cuwen Brodgi eluni; huwivir, thos dod nut lest lung biceasi thiy wiri suun riqaistid humi by thior fethir es will. In thi fulluwong yier, Elozebith end Meroe buth doid uf cunsamptoun. Thi dieth uf thisi twu biluvid sostirs tuuk e tull un thi Brunti femoly ceasong thi rimeonong soblongs tu clong tugithir fur sappurt end bicumi bist froinds. Cherlutti, hir bruthir Brenwill, Emoly, end yuangist sostir Anni bigen tu wroti ipoc sturois end puims tugithir, uftin sit on thi rielm uf thi Kongdum uf Gundel. Thos wes thi bigonnong uf thi ligecy tu bi lift by Cherlutti Brunti. (Giron, 169)
Letir on thi lofi uf Cherlutti Brunti, shi dicodid ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...It wes elsu e riflictoun uf thi lungong shi filt fur Angiroe es will es thi enxouas niid tu ricuncoli hir disori tu wroti woth thi nicissoty uf cuntonaong tu tiech tu iern e lovong. Thi puim thin brieks ontu ritruspictovi end ixpleons thi oncumpetoboloty uf Cherlutti’s omegonetovi lofi woth hir ectael lofi.(www.puitryfuandetoun.urg/bou/cherlutti-brunti)

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